Competitive Performance With Lower Risk

Competitive Performance With Lower Risk

We offer two fundamental equity strategies: Large Cap Value and Small Cap Equity. Both strategies are designed to produce competitive results with lower than market risk.

Our Large Cap Value strategy is a traditional value strategy. Since 1990, our investment management team has customized diversified Large Cap Value portfolios with companies exhibiting high earning power, relatively high dividend-yield, and at a price advantage to produce benchmark-beating performance with low volatility across all market conditions.

Our Small Cap Equity strategy is a fundamental bottom-up strategy. Our investment management team seeks to provide net total return that exceeds the Russell 2000 Index over long-term market cycles while producing a safeguard for investors against risk of capital loss in unfavorable markets.


We offer three disciplined equity strategies:  LargeCap, AllCap, and SMidCap. All three strategies employ a multi-perspective stock selection process that detects and adapts to evolving opportunities within the marketplace. Each of our disciplined equity strategies is systematically engineered and rigorously risk-managed to deliver more consistent excess returns throughout varying market conditions.


To accommodate the wide range of income, liquidity, and risk requirements of our clients, we offer a suite of Fixed Income strategies – all consistent with our long-standing views towards investing – yet each representing a unique solution: Core and Core Plus Fixed Income; Intermediate Government/Credit; Short Term Fixed Income; and Core Government.


ESG Integration – Making more well-informed investment decisions
We incorporate an assessment of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into our investment analyses in order to develop a better understanding of the financial risks and opportunities confronting a company.

Responsible Investing – Aligning investments with clients’ values
We customize security selection in order to create portfolios that reflect clients’ unique values and goals.


For both institutional and private clients in search of a tailored investment portfolio diversified across asset classes, we combine our internally managed equity and fixed income strategies with externally managed funds in an open architecture format that provides solutions to our clients. We utilize sophisticated risk analytics and asset allocation models to ensure the portfolio is constructed and managed in accordance with each client’s unique, long-term objectives.