Socially Responsible

Competitive Performance With Lower Risk

Investors use a wide range of standards and approaches to define social responsibility.

Some seek out leaders in values-based management of their companies and demonstrate their support through ownership of their stock.  Others invest in companies in hopes of encouraging them to change certain practices. Most of our clients view stock ownership as a form of approval and support of the companies they own. They prefer not to be associated with companies who profit from activities that are inconsistent with their mission or values.

Great Lakes Advisors works closely with clients to identify the issues and priorities that are most important to them and has successfully invested in companies whose activities and businesses are consistent with the missions and values of socially responsible clients. We provide this form of tailored investing in two ways: through screening to eliminate securities of companies with certain characteristics, activities, or business relations; and through the use of ESG—or Environmental, Social, and Governance—scores to identify those companies whose values and behaviors are most closely aligned with those of our clients and are thus, candidates for investment. While applying ESG scoring we seek to avoid the risks associated with poor ESG policies as well as other sources of active risk, while seeking to maximize return.

Finally, we couple our dedication to investing with a dedication to our clients. Every client works with a Managing Director of the firm and has access to the depth and resources of Great Lakes Advisors at all times. We tailor communication to the specific needs of each client and seek to build long-term relationships with our clients.


Competitive Performance With Lower Risk